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Robert Fripp The future unit of organization is the small, mobile, and intelligent unit where intelligence is defined as the capacity to perceive rightness, mobile the capacity to act on that perception and small the necessary condition for that action in a contracting world.
i) 1. One can work within any structure.

ii) 2. Once one can work within any structure, some structures are more efficient than others.

iii) 3. There is no one structure which is universally appropriate.

iv) 4. Commitment to an aim within an inappropriate structure will give rise to the creation of an appropriate structure.

v) 5. Apathy, i.e., passive commitment, within an appropriate structure will effect its collapse.

vi) 6. Dogmatic attachment to the supposed merits of a particular structure hinders the search for an appropriate structure.

vii) 7. There will be difficulty defining the appropriate structure because it will always be mobile, i.e., in process.

Let the Power Fall

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Let the Power Fall is an album of "frippertronics"—a process involving two tape recorders that allow Fripp to play guitar over himself. In concert, he can then play live over the compiled recording. The tape loop system was devised for Fripp by Brian Eno, who utilized this technique on his own "Discreet Music" album.

In addition to his band, King Crimson, Fripp has performed with and/or produced such artists as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Peter Hammill, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, and The Roches.